Choreopolis serves as a compelling reflection on the intricate roles we play in society, as passers-by are transformed into members of high-octane musical theatre ensembles. Drawing inspiration from the thoroughfares of Hong Kong, Hotung celebrates the joy of traversing everyday locations, infusing her artwork with the pulsating rhythm of crosswalks, roads, transport links, and walkways. Through fast-paced backgrounds, dynamic dancers, and a recurring motif of circles and spheres, Hotung masterfully captures the essence of movement and spontaneity.

The genesis of Choreopolis stems from Hotung's personal journey of empowerment and liberation. After being bedridden from autoimmune diseases in 2020, she started using mobility aides to regain her strength and freedom to navigate the streets of Hong Kong without fear of incapacitation. Returning to the world outside her bedroom as Hong Kong began emerging from its first year of the pandemic, Hotung discovered a newfound appreciation for the city's vibrant energy and settings. The excitement of movement sparked a vision of dancing in the streets and celebrating the once mundane thoroughfares with exuberance.

Presented by Wyndham Social in collaboration with a|n Gallery, Sophia Hotung's Choreopolis presents a vibrant and rhythmic showcase that invites viewers who navigate the city every day to reimagine urban life, breaking free from preconceived notions of the city. This aligns with Wyndham Social's vision of injecting dynamism and vitality into Wyndham Street and its surrounding community, fostering a sense of community awareness and connecting different sectors and groups.

Coinciding with Hong Kong's renowned Art Month, Wyndham Social, together with Sophia Hotung, will host various sharing sessions, masterclasses, and performances, aiming to present a fresh urban rhythm and aesthetics, as well as the multifaceted aspects of Hong Kong, to local and international audiences.

15 Mar - 28 Apr 2024
11:00am - 9:00pm daily

About the Artist

Sophia Hotung is a Eurasian Hong Kong artist, best known for creating art book The Hong Konger Anthology in 2021 and 2022. She has seven chronic illnesses and developed her art career by teaching herself digital art on an iPad while bedridden in 2021. She continues to create visual art exclusively on the iPad and speaks regularly at schools and events about setbacks and resilience through her disability story. Hotung also runs Pangolin Society, a local company that works to fundraise and provide discounted or pro-bono art services to Hong Kong charities.

About a|n Gallery

Conveniently located on Wellington Street, Central, a|n Gallery is the latest initiative created by New Art Wave Limited, the company behind the hugely popular Art Next Expo: Hong Kong’s leading international art fair for independent artists. Building on the success of the expo, a|n Gallery will expand its reach to include both emerging and established artists. Through these efforts, the gallery hopes to better serve the increasing demand from art collectors for high-quality works—especially by the diverse scene of talented Hong Kong artists.